Plantar fasciitis. Also known as that dumb achy pain on the bottom of your foot or heel people commonly feel first thing in the morning after getting up from bed. Caused by many different things from tight calves to wearing the wrong shoes, it’s a common overuse injury in runners and affects over 3 million people per year. As a nurse, I know a thing or two about medical conditions, so when I started feeling that achy heel and foot pain, I figured it was PF….aka pffft.

I knew I could start foam rolling and stretching my calves, I knew I could start rolling out the bottom of my foot with the spiky ball and icing after my runs. I knew that my trail shoes were toast and I should probably go get fit for new ones. I didn’t do any of it.

I’m also no spring chicken. While I’m enjoying the developing wisdom that comes with living life  and growing older, I am not enjoying the increased recovery times, the residual soreness, and learning how to use my phone as a magnifying glass when I can’t read the fine print.

And yet, there are things I can do to help! I can start weight training to develop strength to support my core and prevent injury. I can practice yoga to help with flexibility and restore balance. I can drink enough water and eat healthy foods to fuel my body! Whoo!

Except….I don’t do any of that. I rush off after a run before stretching. I don’t eat when I’m “supposed to”, I sit at my desk instead of practicing yoga and I’ve never been great at weight training.  I am REALLY good at making excuses though! “This is more important…I don’t have time right now…I’ll get to it later”…and now, because I’m better at making excuses than I am taking care of myself, I’m benched…”pfft..”

There is hope though. In my ongoing search for knowledge and learning, there is a lesson here to be learned. Having an injury gives me a chance to reassess. In addition to overtraining, I’ve also over committed, limiting the amount of time I have to take care of myself. Learning how to balance all the things I want to do with all the things I need to do is an ongoing project.

Taking time off has helped me regain my appreciation of running. Training for a marathon and a half ironman back-to-back became more like a job and less like something that gives me peace. After six weeks, five days and sixteen hours of not running, I finally feel like getting back out there! Even if I can’t quite yet… I’ve also gained a better appreciation for my running buddies. Anyone that’s run long before knows the value of a good running conversation and I miss them!  

And although I’m bummed I’m not running with them, I’m really looking forward to being a good cheerleader to my teammates!

Wine Country Half Marathon and 10k kicks off a whole host of local events over the next several months! On October 29th, the races will start at beautiful CaliPaso Winery and run through wineries and nearby horse ranches in Paso Robles. Wine Country Runs is a non-profit organization that supports local charities and sports organizations in North San Luis Obispo County. Templeton Run Club will be there to volunteer with Templeton Cross Country at mile 11 right before the hill! Come join us or sign up here to volunteer at the event!

After that the 26th Annual City to the Sea Half Marathon and 5k will be on Sunday, November 12th starting in downtown San Luis Obispo. This event is the main fundraiser for Cuesta College Cross Country and Track and Field programs and finishes at the spectacular Dinosaurs Caves Park in Pismo Beach.

Last but certainly not least, the Tierra Redonda Mountain Trail run will be held at the Smith Ranch on November 17th-November 19th. New to this year is a 5k run in addition to a 10k, 20k, 24 hour and 48 hour event! Camping is encouraged and free to all that want to come out. This event will benefit Templeton Run Club and help us continue to put on free fun runs, offer scholarships, and put on youth camps throughout the year!  Sign up here to volunteer for the weekend and keep an eye out on our Instagram page for a FREE bib giveaway!!

Because of events like this one and support from our sponsors, A-List Property, West Coast Auto and Towing, Movement for Life Physical Therapy, Fluid Nutrition, Morro Bay POA, Kman Cyclery Tenet Health Central Coast, and Hug a Mug in Paso Robles, TRC was able to help send three of our runners to the Level One RRCA Coaching certification program this summer! Congrats to our new RRCA TRC Coaches Tony Lopez, Susan McAdoo and Jen Seay on their hard earned and well deserved certification! We were also able to host our first Cross Country Camp with Templeton High School Cross Country and hope to build this into an annual event for all our North County Schools. 

And finally, while these events might not be local, you’ll also see some of our local runners and Sole Sisters at Revel Big Bear on November 18th and CIM in Sacramento on December 3rd. If you’re in the area, keep an eye out and cheer them on! All that training isn’t for the faint of heart!


Happy Running!


Rosalie Smith


PO BOX 522

Templeton, Ca, 93465

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