Happy Picnic Season

Happy picnic season! Grab your blankets, baskets full of goodies and get out there to soak up that spring sunshine! I actually dared to wear shorts on a run a few days ago to try and get a little sun on my white legs. I ran at home so my thankfully my friends were spared from temporary blindness.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write up a run club newsletter and we have a few exciting updates…

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Confessions of a Lazy Runner







Running For Life

Do you know what I have been LIVING for lately?  There is a tiny little widget on my watch that shows me what time the sun rises and sets each day.  Every day since mid-December I’ve been watching that tiny little ray of sunshine add minutes of daylight to the time each evening and it makes me so happy! Today the sun set at 5:13pm but…

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The Gift of Running

I’m not sure which is worse…cold, dark and 28 degrees, or sweating it out in 110 degrees in the middle of summer. I love running but even I can admit that it can be miserable under perfect conditions, let alone running in weather that makes your face hurt. The last few workouts I’ve done have been a STRUGGLE! Despite my best efforts in trying to talk myself….

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Teamwork Makes the DREAM Work

Do you remember how to play kickball? I don’t remember playing as a kid, but I was also painfully shy in grade school and preferred to keep my head stuck in a book rather than risk embarrassing myself in a team sport or being picked last…again. I ran AWAY from the ball, not towards them….

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Learning to Run the Curves



Everyone’s marathon is a little different.

Thankful, grateful, blessed.

Happy Fall Y’All!


PSA: Running is hard!!


TRC Team discount


Views from running shoes


Wanted: “Slow” runners!


Life is short… buy the shoes!

It's not COVID...it's Spring fever!

It’s not COVID… It’s Spring Fever!

Plan B: Destination Race!

That sounds like a terrible idea!.........What time?

That sounds like a terrible idea!…… What time?