As many of you already know, Mountains to Beach was canceled for 2021 and left us with the motivation to train, but no race to run….at least not in California!! Several of us have signed up for the REVEL Sun Valley Marathon/ Half Marathon in Sun Valley Idaho on June 26th and 27th. The event is capped at 499 runners per day (Saturday is sold out) and COVID precautions will be taken throughout the race. Because this race is now 15 weeks away, training starts NOW! You’ll notice our long runs getting longer, but do not feel like you have to run the entire distance if you’re not marathon training. We would still love to have you join us! The routes we build on Strava will always have turn around points or alternate routes for shorter distances.

As we look ahead for 2021, we would like to continue training for and participating in local events. Registration is currently open for City to the Sea Half Marathon and 5k to be held in SLO Sunday, September 12th. As races slowly start to come back, we’ll be adding them to our race calendar and crossing our fingers that COVID conditions continue to improve! If you have a race in mind that you want to participate in or think we’d love, let us know! (There is a trail race in Lake Tahoe October 2nd we’ve been eyeballing as well!)

If you are interested in purchasing a TRC Hoodie, men’s long sleeve or ladies long sleeve email me your sizes by March 26th! The more we order the cheaper they’ll be! The hoodies run large (so consider sizing down), but the long sleeves seem true to size. The hoodies were $35 the last time we ordered but if we order smaller quantities they might cost a little more.

Also, if you haven’t signed a waiver for 2021 please fill one out and bring it to the next run! I bring blank ones with me to the runs so let me know if you need one!

Feel free to reach out with any questions or ideas for runs and routes! You may have noticed we added a few trail runs to the calendar this month. We’d like to continue with a trail run at least once a month (this Saturday will be at Santa Margarita Lake) and are hoping to add an occasional Wednesday and Friday in April. Keep an eye on the calendar! We’d love to see you!


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