Anyone want to run a marathon with us?? There are a crazy few of us that have already signed up for Mountains to Beach Marathon (deferred from last year of course) and are going to start training this month. The race starts in the mountains of Ojai and is a net downhill run to the beach in Ventura on Sunday, May 30th. (Don’t feel like running 26.2? They also offer a half marathon and 5k race the same day.) It sounds like they have a solid refund policy in case they have to cancel…and if that’s the case, we will either find a replacement race or put on an independent TRC marathon/half marathon. 

As we start training, you’ll notice our Saturday long runs getting longer. That does not mean you have to run the entire distance, especially if you’re just starting out. We always include options for shorter distances with information for loops and turnaround points. Check out our maps on Strava! Bringing it up on a desktop instead of your phone gives you a little better picture of what the route entails….ie. elevation profiles, segments, etc.

With the Salinas River flowing and our river crossing washed out, we’ll be running a few more loops into Paso this month (…looking at you Kiler Canyon!) As always if you have some favorite routes that you want to try out with the group, let us know! We love our tried and true, but always have fun running something new.


Have you seen our new hoodies?!?! I am SO excited with how they turned out! They are light enough to wear as a warm up or cool down and are comfortable enough to run some distance in…and I’m totally biased but they look AWESOME! They are sized a little large so I’ll be placing another order for some smaller sizes. I currently have Mediums and Larges available for $35. If you’d like a long sleeve shirt, let me know as well. We’ll be able to add on small quantities to this next order!

Good luck to everyone running Buzz Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k and 5k this weekend!! Can’t wait to see you all out there!!

Happy Running (and Valentine’s Day!)

Rosalie Smith

Templeton Run Club

PO Box 522

Templeton, Ca. 93465


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